Cricket’s lesson to us is that you and I need not dwell on our mistakes however humiliating.

We should instead focus on the next ball to be bowled or the next fulfilling project in our lives.

(John Watson)

Harman Training is about helping people fulfill their professional projects. Using effective learning techniques in the classroom students get real benefits transferable to the workplace. And because the learning techniques are simple, focused and fun they can assist students in building capability in project management, business english or in economics in a very short time.

Many companies and colleges in both Germany and Switzerland have made effective use of Harman Training to help their people improve understanding of complex topics, to enable students to perform acquired skills and to raise morale in work groups, project teams and organisations.

About Harman Training
Jason Harman grew up near London, studied economics in England and management in Germany. He has worked in industry, academia and professional training since 1990 in UK, Germany and Switzerland. Based in Hamburg, he is now a freelance trainer and lecturer in project management, business english and economics.