Training Seminars

An ever increasing number of German companies are taking the step of choosing English as their corporate language. This means that managers have to build up English language skills that are at or close to the level of their mother tongue to carry out workshops, meetings and presentations worldwide.

Our training seminars focus on key aspects of Business English communication:

For Teams

  • leading and motivating project teams
  • managing intercultural teams
  • moderating creative workshops

For Tasks

  • directing meetings effectively
  • carrying out efficient customer service
  • making persuasive presentations


Developing a Training Programme to Meet Your Goals

Targeted Training: Our training programmes can be tailored to your organisation based on the employees┬┤ skills and training goals. A customised learning programme ensures that all employees gain relevant knowledge and skills.

Providing Training On Site, in Classrooms and Online
Our courses are available in congress hotels or on-site at your location if you have a group of people to train.

Reference Materials: Students receive up to date publications and comprehensive texts that they can refer to after they have completed the course.

Organisational Learning: our training programmes promote teamwork in and across departments and inspire continuous learning among employees.