Project Management Communications

The most important skill of a project manager is communication. Consequently, the area a project manager spends most of his or her time on is project communication. This is said to be about 75-80% of total project time.

In the training seminar Managing Communication in Projects students will learn how to:

  • lead effective meetings and establish buy-in
  • communicate clearly and assertively with key project stakeholders
  • motivate and appraise project team members
  • communicate key project issues effectively
In the training seminar Managing Cross-Cultural Project Teams students will learn how to:
  • understand cultural differences in international projects
  • apply effective communication techniques across cultures
  • use strategies to motivate and to resolve conflict in project teams
  • learn effective ways to plan, initiate and execute projects


Developing a Training Programme to Meet Your Goals

Targeted Training: our training programmes can be tailored to your organisation based on the employees┬┤ skills and training goals. A customised learning programme ensures that all employees gain relevant knowledge and skills.

Our courses are available in congress hotels or on-site at your location if you have a group of people to train.

Reference Materials: participants receive up to date publications and comprehensive texts that they can refer to after they have completed the course.

Organisational Learning: our training programmes promote teamwork in and across departments and inspire continuous learning among employees.